One of the most sought-after features of Home Inventory™ is our free accompanied web app, Home Inventory Online™.  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that any item you add to your phone will automatically be stored online where it’s safe.  Don’t spend $30 - $100 for a piece of desktop software that won’t automatically back up your data and could disappear along with your other belongings in a disaster.  Best of all, Home Inventory Online™ is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and other browser-based web devices... including Web TV.

Better sync than sorry.

Automatic synchronization between apps.
Add an item to your phone and it will automatically synchronize with the online app. Make a change on Home Inventory Online™ and the change will show up in the phone. Knowing that you always have two identical copies of your precious inventory... priceless.

Disaster-proof your data.
Using a desktop program to inventory you assets won’t do you any good if the computer is burned up in a fire. Backing it up on discs or a thumb drive is useless if they are destroyed with the rest of your items. The only true way of protecting your data is to keep it offsite where it is safe from tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, mudslides, and theft.

Use your full-size keyboard and mouse.
For comfort and speed you can’t go wrong with a full-size keyboard and mouse. If you have a lot of items that you want to add, sitting down in front of your computer will definitely speed up the process. But being able to add, delete or edit an item from within the iPhone is convenient. Either way, you will have completed a full inventory of your home before you know it.

Scan all of your receipts.
For best results, it is highly recommended to scan your receipts and other documentation and enter those photos from within Home Inventory Online™. The iPhone and other digital cameras don’t capture text very well. Scanning your receipts will ensure that they are as close to the originals as possible.

Print beautiful reports.
Need a report? Find a computer with internet capabilities and log into your Home Inventory Online™ account.  Choose between four different types of reports and download them in PDF format. Printing your reports and delivering them to your insurance company will greatly speed up the process of filing a claim.  Therefore decreasing the time it takes to receive your refund and get on with rebuilding your life.

* Gotta Have It Software will not charge for their Home Inventory Online™ service to those who purchase the application.  But because this is a new online service we can only guarantee service for your first 18 months.  As long as the application is successful, the online service will always be free.