Use it before you lose it.

Home Inventory™ is the first inventory application that combines the convenience of your iPhone and the comfort of your computer.  Whether you’re a home owner or renter, having a secure inventory will help you get your insurance claim settled faster.  We know that performing an inventory can be dreadful, but Home Inventory™ makes it fun, fast, easy, and most importantly... safe and secure.

You never know when a disaster will hit.  Use Home Inventory™ for your precious valuables before it’s too late.

Add photos and receipts.
Attach up to 9 high-resolution photos for each item. Photos can include pictures of your item, receipts, or various documentation.

Print beautiful reports.
With a click of a button you can download beautiful detailed reports (4 types to choose from).  Then either print or email the reports for your insurance company to file your claim even faster.

Add notes.
Add a quick note to an item otherwise not indicated in a field.

Input detailed information.
14 commonly used fields are preloaded including: Make, Model, Serial #, Quantity, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Purchased At, Payment Method, and more.

Add/View items by category or location.
Easily add or view an item by choosing either By Category or
By Location mode.

Create custom fields.
Create your own custom fields to personalize your inventory and provide the most accurate information possible.

View reports on your iPhone.
View full length reports on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, mudslides, or even theft, Home Inventory™ always has a synchronized copy of your entire inventory offsite keeping you protected against any possible home disaster.

Home and Office.
It might be called Home Inventory™, but it’s optimized to be used to inventory your office and other locations as well.

Comfort and convenience.
With the inclusion of Home Inventory Online™ you now have the option of entering your data from the comfort of your computer or the convenience of your phone... or both.

Catalog your games, DVDs and CDs.
Use Home Inventory™ to organize and catalog anything you own including video games, DVDs, CDs and more.

Password protected.
Protect your sensitive data by creating a unique password. Turning on the “Remember Password” feature will get you into your app quicker.

Add your insurance information.
Add in all your insurance information including automotive, home, renters, riders and more. Now you have it when you need it, regardless of where you’re at.

Perform easy updates.
Forget the messy wires, information is automatically synchronized wirelessly in the background.

Helps determine proper insurance coverage.
Don’t guess at how much insurance you need. Home Inventory™ will calculate your exact replacement costs so you can ensure you are properly covered.

Designed for renters and owners.
As long as you either have insurance or a need to catalog your items, this app is for you.